Dryer vent cleaning in Dallas


Dryer vent cleaning is very crucial because, inside the heating ducts, dirt and debris piles and their growth could be the cause of serious health issues and bad functioning of your system. Generally, It is observed that in houses, small sized ducts are being used because of cost-effectiveness but that preciseness could be the cause of non-precise issues that may cause to health hazards.

As per an estimate, there are more than 15000 dryer fire incidents are happened annually, causing property damages, injuries and sad demises. In lots of cases, lint inside the heating element is the key source. It is also observed that even after installing the safeguards on dryer, the dryer may catch the fires because of backing up of the lint and air blocking due to dirty ducts, etc. While improperly installed and blocked ducts could be the cause of flue gasses into the houses. It should be noted that odorless & colorless carbon monoxide (CO) fumes could be very deadly. Besides, if (CO) leaks in minimum level, it could be the cause of several painful issues such as nausea, headache, deep fatigue, weakness and disorientation. Therefore, because of the deadly hazards, several fire depts and authorities require proper and regular inspection and cleaning.

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One Point Air System have been offering dryer vent cleaning and dryer vent repair services for years and One Point Air System are in that business with proper confidence and experiences. We are dedicated to providing Dryer vent cleaning in Dallas TX with quality and can offer the wide array of services on the contract basis; please note that regular repairing and caring are inevitable to avoid any type of potential issues and hazards.

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