Repairing Your Dryer Vent

One Point Air System is Texas’s most trusted dryer vent cleaner. We just want you to know that your dryer is consistently used, often without a break. This can hamper its overall performance if left unrepaired. However, the vent of your dryer can even get damaged due to rough use over many years. It starts to catch dust deposits and clogging. In fact, with in a year or so, your dryer vent may not even work properly and could cause your dryer to heat up too often. Repairing your own dryer at home takes a lot of skills and knowledge, something that not many people are proficient at. To solve your problem, you need to examine the dryer vent first. Alternatively we at One Point Air System can give you a dryer vent cleaning for a low price. Here is what you should do to examine your damaged dryer vent:

Examine the Extent of Damage

There are several signs that hint towards a damaged dryer vent. Firstly, your dryer will dry your cloth quite slowly or don’t dry them at all. This is so because your dryer vent is either completely clogged with dirt and lint or it is damaged. If you found a damage or crack, it must be in the duct. Explore the vent duct for more damages. Pull the dryer away from the wall to get to the rear part of the vent. Remove the duct from your dryer and pay close attention to the remaining part of the duct.

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Repair the broken areas with duct tape

If your duct has small cracks or leakages, you can easily repair these with specialized duct tape. Keep in mind that duct tape is very useful for repairing smaller damages but not bigger ones. Wrap the tape around the crack to mend any leakages.

Replacing the Duct

If the duct is damaged from multiple places, the only solution is to replace it with a newer one. To find the suitable duct, you need to keep your dryer’s make and model and duct number in mind. There is a plethora of vent ducts available in the market which makes finding the right model difficult. It is recommended to carry your dryer’s manufacturer’s manual to avoid any confusion at the time of buying the new duct. Replace your broken duct with a new one and make sure you seal it properly before turning the dryer on.

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