5 Warning Signs that it’s Time to clean your Duct System

Air Duct Cleaning

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    Air conditioner’s duct system requires a clean session after some regular interval of time for the better and systematic functionality. Down here are some warning signs which indicates that your duct system needs to be cleaned

Quality Air

   The air conditioners are supposed to throw quality air in the room in which these are installed. If your air conditioner is throwing some dirt or your room is getting dusty frequently then this is a sign to clean your duct system.

AC sounds loud

   Air conditioner works silently by throwing healthy and cool/hot air. When your air conditioner starts banging and making noise then it’s an alarming sign to clean your duct system of the air conditioner. Unusual sounds from ACs indicates that your air conditioner is facing mechanical problems or its duct needs to be cleaned.

Older One

   One more alarming sign to clean or to replace your duct system of air conditioner. For example, your air conditioner is 5 to 10 years old then it’s a sign to clean your duct system.


   When an air conditioner is not working perfectly then it may cost you effectively in bills. As it is not getting the air intake perfectly and results in the unhealthy air throw.

Air filter gets dirty frequently

   When your air filter is getting dust frequently and it’s not only simple dust, it may have also some microorganisms, dead skin etc. This is a main alarming sign on which one should consider to clean their duct system.

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