5 Signs that your Dryer Vent Requires Cleaning


On a hectic day, nothing could be more annoying than to have a malfunctioning dryer vent. When that happens, your basket full of sopping wet clothes waits to be put to the dryer. Even worse is the fact that blocked dryer vent can set your dryer to fire? In 2010, approximately 10000 home fires occurred due to dryer malfunctions. A closer look reveals that dryer fire is caused when the dryer vent and lint and left uncleaned for longer periods of time. It is evident that a dryer with dirty vent and lint is as good as a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Here are five signs that your dryer vent requires cleaning:

Dryer Vent Not Cleaned for a Year or more

The first thing you should look for is to analyze when you cleaned your dryer vent. You can clean the dryer vent through several ways. Either you can clean the vent by yourself, or call a vent cleaning services for the job. Keep in mind that cleaning the vent yourself can be quite risky. Moreover, you need to buy a proper dryer cleaning vent for the job. Calling a dryer vent cleaning service is a much safer and practical way to clean dryer vent.

Lint coming out of the Dryer’s opening

When you see lint coming out of the vent, it is time to clean it. The dropping of lint is an indication that your dryer vent is fully stuffed with lint deposits and is not letting fresh air to reach inside. This is telltale sign that your vent urgently needs cleaning.

Burning Smell While the Dryer is Runs

Another evident sign that your dryer vent requires cleaning is when it produces burning smell when the dryer is turned on. Keep in mind that this is a very dangerous sign and could lead your dryer to catch fire.

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Dryer Takes Longer to Dry clothes

An early sign that your dryer needs cleaning is when it starts to take longer to dry your cloth. Though it is not as dangerous as other signs, it marks the fact that you should now clean the vent.

Dryer gets hot from outside

Since the vent is meant to exhaust the air, blocked vent don’t allow fresh air to reach the dryer. This results in the dryer getting hot from outside. Call your repair and maintenance service when that happens.

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